Fall Trend~Loafers

y Fall Trend~Loafers


46424801 Fall Trend~Loafers

Jeffrey campbell shoes
$170 – jildorshoes.com

45110023 Fall Trend~Loafers

Roger Vivier kitten heels
$615 – mytheresa.com

42088200 Fall Trend~Loafers

Sam Edelman flat shoes
$150 – endless.com

45233362 Fall Trend~Loafers

Steven by Steve Madden flat shoes
$89 – bloomingdales.com

46480239 Fall Trend~Loafers

Kitten heels
224 – farfetch.com
I don’t know about you, but I am LOVING this whole loafer trend I am seeing EVERYWHERE, and I mean EVERYWHERE!  You can’t walk into a shoe store, department store, or boutique nowadays without seeing this style of shoe for sale.  The thing I love about it is that it’s masculine and feminine all at the same time. Kinda of like you stole your dad’s loafers and glued glitter and studs on them.  I love that!!  There are tons of styles, colors, and prints out there right now. I have comprised a list of my favorites so far.  They range from VERY AFFORDABLE, to PRICEY, but I wanted to showcase a wide range of styles.  My personal fave??  The Jeffrey Campbell half leopard, half stud duo.  What an amazing combo! Such a statement shoe!  I need them!  Which is your favorite? Do you already own loafers? Do share! xoxoxo

Get the look for less! Leather Jacket with Fur panel

y Get the look for less! Leather Jacket with Fur panel


43994444 Get the look for less! Leather Jacket with Fur panel

Adrienne Landau rabbit fur vest
189 – farfetch.com

41305319 Get the look for less! Leather Jacket with Fur panel

Zara leather jacket
$159 – zara.com

44105709 Get the look for less! Leather Jacket with Fur panel

A L c
$2,189 – forwardforward.com


As I have said many, many times before, I LOVE deals, steals, bargains, and most importantly, getting the look for less.  When I say “getting the look for less”, I mean taking a gorgeous, high end designer piece that retails in the thousands, and finding a way to get the very same look for a fraction of the cost……….without sacrificing style or quality.

For this look, I took this incredible A.L.C. leather and fur jacket, and retails for $2189.00 here.  I have been lusting after this jacket for ages, but that price is just too steep. So, I did some research, and I found that you can get that exact same look by pairing a leather jacket, (one you already own, or you can buy this awesome Zara one), and layering with a gorgeous fur vest on top. For this example, I took a Zara leather jacket, retailing at $159, and I paired it with this luscious Adrienne Landau fur vest that retails for $295.  That is a total of $454 for the exact same look!!!  I will take this saving one step further.  I am known in many circles at the ebay queen, (LOL), and as such, I will tell you that you can score that very same Adrienne Landau rabbit fur vest on ebay, from Neiman Marcus’s Last Call store, for only $180!!! So, that is only $339 for the same fashionable, trendy, heart stopping look as the A.L.C. jacket!!! You can purchase the rabbit fur vest on ebay here. 

Guess who bought the vest???  Guess who will be modeling this look this week?  Hee Hee!!!!

Stay tuned for photos!!!! And if you decide to try this same look please share your photos with me! xoxoxoxo


Night out in the city

IMG 36301 Night out in the cityJoin me for a gorgeous night in the city! 😉  My boyfriend and I went to a meeting tonight to discuss a possible partnership for my blog.  I decided to snap some shots on the train heading to the city, and to also snap some in the gorgeous lobby of the hotel where our meeting was held. It was another beautiful day in NYC! 65 degrees at 7pm? I hope this amazing weather keeps up! I prefer leather jackets over down coats any day!  Winter can wait!

020 1 2 1 11 Night out in the city

002 Night out in the city

021 3 Night out in the city018 2 Night out in the city0261 Night out in the city0232 Night out in the city0243 Night out in the city0252 Night out in the city029 3 Night out in the city028 2 Night out in the city048 1 Night out in the cityI fell in love with this hotel lobby! That circular fish tank was amazing! And those fish were huge, and had teeth! LOL The decor was gorgeous. I will definitely be stopping by again, so beautiful! 

As you can see, I can’t stop wearing my Balenciaga jacket.  It’s so comfortable and I love the quilting! I hope the weather stays warm like this so I have more chances to sport it! What do you think? xoxoxo

Jacket: Balenciaga, Top: Forever 21, Jeans, BDG, Boots: Steve Madden, (You can purchase them here ) Bag: Alexander Wang (You can purchase it here ) Ring: YSL (You can purchase it here ) Necklace: Vanessa Mooney

Cyber Monday Deal-The Floxie Fairy Fund

floxiefairyfund Cyber Monday Deal The Floxie Fairy FundWhat better way to start off your Cyber Monday then getting amazing online deals….with all the proceeds going to a good cause? I want to tell you all about the Floxie Fairy Fund.  It’s a not-for-profit online sale of handmade silk scarves, and beautiful handmade necklaces, with all the profits going towards victims of Fluoroquinilone toxicity.  (These are people who were severely affected from taking Fluoroquinilone antibiotics such as Cipro, Avelox, and Levaquin)  This is a cause very near to my heart, since I was hospitalized in September after taking a round of Cipro, and after 3 months, I am still in the process of fully recovering.

The Floxie Fairy fund was founded by Erin Spangler Wilson, an amazing woman who was also affected by these antibiotics, and decided to use her amazing talents of jewelry and scarf making to benefit her fellow victims. All proceeds will go towards FQ victims in need of money for supplements, medical care, and food.

Erin sells her scarves and necklaces on www.etsy.com at a retail price of $85 and up…..but for this special cause, all her items range for $15-$20 dollars! This is an incredible deal for a handmade silk scarf, or a one of a kind handmade necklace! You can get your holiday shopping done while helping a good cause!!!

Click to see these gorgeous items and learn more about this amazing online deal!!!!

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Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion

015 2 Final Hurrah for Fall FashionToday was a gorgeous Fall day in NYC! It was unseasonably warm for the end of November, and I loved it!!  Today was the perfect excuse to wear my Balenciaga leather jacket.  I am definitely a leather jacket kinda girl.  I own about 10 leather jackets that I rotate and wear as much as possible when the weather permits.  In NYC,we only get about two months of really good” leather jacket wearing” weather in the Fall, so you better believe I take advantage of a day like today when I can!! I scored this beauty at a discount off www.Hgbagsonline.com.  The owner Erica has amazing deals on everything “Balenciaga”. I had mentioned when I started this blog that I love mixing designer pieces with low priced items.  I have always loved splurging on really good shoes, jackets, and bags. ( My boots by the way are Acne Pistol Boots, and they are by far the most stylish and comfortable boots I have ever owned!….buy them here.)  I firmly believe that if you invest in high end, quality items that you will have forever, you will be able to buy everything else at a discount, but always look like a million bucks.  I plan on sharing some amazing ebay finds, and killer deals that I found online in my next blog post…..

In the meantime, enjoy my photos from today at Astoria Park! xoxoxoxoxo

julie leaves Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion016 1 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion010 1 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion
021 2 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion007 1 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion017 1 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion

030 1 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion033 1 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion035 1 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion040 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion041 2 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion

001 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion0221 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion0231 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion0242 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion043 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion046 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion048 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashionred balenciga acne boots Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion

053 Final Hurrah for Fall Fashion

What a breathtaking day in the park today! I love Astoria park for the view, atmosphere and people.  There were weddings in the park today, kids playing, baseball games, and people with their dogs……like this adorable Husky that we met! The leaves on the ground were the perfect touch to this Fall day. 

I paired my bright red Balenciaga city bag with this neutral gray dress from Forever 21, black tights, Acne boots, and my Balenciaga leather jacket. I love how the red bag adds a pop of color. Oh, and I took out my Lady Gaga for Barney’s sunglasses for the first time! I love the yellow, I think it works in for all seasons!  What are you favorite Fall outfits and colors?  Do share! xoxoxoxo

Julie 😉

Dress: Forever 21, Jacket: Balenciaga, Tights: Urban Outfitters, Boots: Acne Pistol Boots, Bag: Balenciaga, Ring: Low Luv x Erin Wasson, Necklace: Vanessa Mooney, Sunglasses: Exclusive Lady Gaga for Barneys


Black Friday Deals and Steals!


Here are my picks for Black Friday sales and steals! I am LOVING these Ash booties for the Winter!  That sweater dress is just adorable, and I am loving that leopard satchel! All items below are on sale this weekend.  What are your Black Friday picks? What have you bought so far? Do share! xoxoxo~ Julie 😉


y Black Friday Deals and Steals!


39733482 Black Friday Deals and Steals!

WILLOW CLAY fitted dress
$40 – urbanoutfitters.com

45478534 Black Friday Deals and Steals!

Andrew Marc tailored coat
$557 – bloomingdales.com

44608021 Black Friday Deals and Steals!

Ash wedge heels
$163 – shopbop.com

41159178 Black Friday Deals and Steals!

Rebecca Minkoff flap handbag
$360 – shopbop.com

43268341 Black Friday Deals and Steals!

LowLuv cuff jewelry
$148 – shopbop.com

30357974 Black Friday Deals and Steals!

Leaf jewelry
$75 – maxandchloe.com

Lady Gaga’s Workshop at Barney’s!!!

018 11 Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!
Hey little monsters!!  I was super excited to check out Gaga’s workshop at Barney’s in person today!  I  heard it was a wonderland of whimsy not to be missed, and that is a truly accurate description! From the moment the elevator doors open to the 5th floor, you are assaulted with imagery, colors, and eye candy! It was like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory….but Gaga style. There is an entire section of just candy, cookies, lollipops and treats, all either in Gaga’s likeness, or representing some part of her style or personality.  It was fun, unique, clever, and honestly such a refreshing take on the typical type of gift shop for the holidays.  I HAD to leave with something…..read on to see what I got! 😉

0141 Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!This is what you see when you first enter the floor.  A giant sculpture of a Gaga-esque cartoonish statue, wearing an outfit of fishnets and platform heels that I am sure I have seen on Gaga before. The shards of glass on the floor around it, along with the pink chains sectioning it off, complete the fantasy feel. 

photo2 1 Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!For those outside of NYC, I have to tell you it was raining today, like a monsoon!!! My best friend Debbie and I had plans to check out Gaga’s workshop though, and we weren’t gonna let a little rain hold us back!  I wore my new Mackage coat, which kept me warm and dry in the heavy downpour, BDG jeans, and my Chinese Laundry flat boots.  (in retrospect, I should have worn my hunter rain boots, but I had no idea how bad the weather was LOL)  .

When you enter and turn right, there is the candy area!  I LOVE these cookies!!!  “Little Monster” butter cookies! Great gift!  And, they are delicious butter cookies by the way! I bough my boyfriend the large Gaga cookie…..full body….but sadly she broke in 3 pieces on the way home.  Trying to walk around NYC in the rain is tough, and poor cookie Gaga was decapitated in the process.  No worries, my boyfriend said it was delicious anyway!

0191 Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!

Lady Gaga’s decapitated head LOL

391722 10150556720124606 714964605 11557718 2111320484 n Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!

Gaga’s sunglasses!!!


017 Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!I LOVED the Gaga sunglasses! She had a few different styles, some outrageous and not really fit for daily wear…LOL  But….these were perfect! Stylish, wearable, with a hint of Gaga flair! I had to have them!  Guess what color I ended up buying? Keep reading to see 😉

0291 Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!Awesome “hair” bow headbands! They came in a variety of colors….my bff Debbie and I had to try them on….

317192 10150429067508566 636528565 8562452 1507310025 n1 Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!Debbie also had fun trying on the lace sunglasses…..

photo Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!


There were stuffed “Little Monsters”!

021 11 Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!

There were teacups…..

0241 Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!0251 Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!Books….

026 Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!“Paw” necklaces…..

0272 Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!Statues….(how amazing are these?)

022 Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!Gaga’s shoe…..

023 Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!And Gaga snow globes!  Perfect stocking stuffer for the ultimate Gaga fan!

030 Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!I have to say I was really impressed with the entire floor.  There were tons of cute, great gifts, ranging from low priced (candy, chocolates, fake nails) to moderate (sunglasses, snow globes,) to pricey (leather jackets)…….seriously something for everyone!!!

Oh, and about what *I* bought????? hee hee…..drumroll………….

Queens 20111123 00572 Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!Queens 20111123 00573 Lady Gagas Workshop at Barneys!!!I got these amazing yellow sunglasses! I love the shape, style, and accents.  They are unlike any other sunglasses I own.  I really wanted a fun pair of shades, and these were perfect! Love the yellow color too! Can’t wait to rock them in future posts! 😉

Hope you enjoyed my review of Gaga’s workshop! Are any of you planning on making a trip to Barney’s before it closes?  Let me know if you do!  xoxoxoxo

What I was wearing:

Coat: Mackage, Jeans: BDG, Boots: Chinese Laundry, Bag: Alexander Wang



Cold night in Times Square

015 1 Cold night in Times Square

The temperature in NYC is dropping.  Perfect excuse to wear my new Mackage “Joey” puffy jacket.  LOVE.  It keeps me super warm, it’s comfortable, and I love the little peep holes for your thumbs. 😉 So glad I grabbed it on sale in Bloomingdales. 

I also took out my new Celine luggage tote for the first time.  What a great bag!  It’s my first Celine, and I totally understand the craze over the line.  The style is amazing, it fits everything, and the craftsmanship is to die for.  Great investment piece. 


011 11 Cold night in Times Square

0131 Cold night in Times Square

012 Cold night in Times Square

0181 Cold night in Times SquareAnd what’s a trip to Times Square without a visit from “The Naked Cowboy”? LOL

032 1 Cold night in Times Square034 11 Cold night in Times Square

He was very funny 😉

024 Cold night in Times Square025 Cold night in Times Square027 Cold night in Times Square028 Cold night in Times Square029 Cold night in Times Square
No place is as beautiful as NYC.  But then again, maybe I am biased. 😉

Jacket: Mackage, Scarf: Love Quotes, Pants: Old Navy, Boots: Acne Pistol boots, Ring: YSL, Bag: Celine