DIY: Glitter tip nails

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I love all the amazing, innovative manicure designs that are coming out lately.  There are some salons here in Manhattan that are able to pretty much do anything you want to your nails.  I have seen feathers, crystals, and even candy worked into some pretty unique manicures. One of the styles I have been dying to try is glitter tips.  It’s like a French manicure, but instead of a color on the end of your nail, you have glitter.  Of course, all these manicures can be expensive, and getting them once one a week, or even once every two weeks, can really add up.  In my constant goal to “get the look for less” and share these tips with you, I present the DIY glitter tip manicure.  I did this manicure myself last night.  Now, granted, it’s not the neatest thing you have ever seen, I am sure, but I think it looks pretty cool for a girl who has no manicure experience, and did her nails at 2 am. 😉

What I used:



queens 20111116 00540 DIY: Glitter tip nailsI simply polished my nails with two coats of Plum Luck, and when it was COMPLETELY DRIED, I painted just the tips of my finger nails with the glitter polish.  Now, here is a tip: Shake the bottle of glitter polish first, and hold it upside down before doing each nail.  This way, you get more glitter on the brush, which allows for less coats.  (The last thing you want is super thick polish on the tips of your nails LOL)  It took about 3 coats of the glitter polish to get the very thick glitter look that I achieved. Again, it’s NOT perfect, and I certainly need to work on my technique, but for a beginner I think it looks pretty cool.  What do you think???

queens 20111115 00526 DIY: Glitter tip nailsqueens 20111115 00525 DIY: Glitter tip nailsqueens 20111115 00523 DIY: Glitter tip nailsqueens 20111116 005321 DIY: Glitter tip nails
queens 20111116 00528 DIY: Glitter tip nailsqueens 20111116 00530 DIY: Glitter tip nailsAlso in the photos: My brand new Balenciaga wallet with rose gold hardware! (scored for 25 percent off retail value on Ebay!) And my dog Max! 😉  He is my 7 year old Shih Tzu and he follows me everywhere! 😉

What do you think of the glitter tips? Have you tried any wild manicure styles on your own?  Please share!!xoxoxo

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