For Sale!


Listed below are items that I currently have for sale!

Everything is from my own personal collection, and guaranteed authentic! I am constantly selling items to make room for new ones, so please check back often to see what I have for sale!

If you have any questions on authenticity, please feel free to have anything authenticated by Sabina at Sabina’s Closet!

If you use her services for authentication, and end up buying the item from me, I will discount you the $10 it costs for authentication!

You can always email me at with any questions!

***Check out my closet on POSHMARK!! I list new items there daily! If you see anything you like on there, email me, and I can offer you a discount if you buy from me directly plus free shipping! CLICK HERE TO SHOP! 


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12 thoughts on “For Sale!

  1. Hi Julierose….happy new year to you…thought I would get my name on here just in case you may be selling somethings that I like x

  2. Hello,
    I found a post from you on the purseblog. I think it’s from June 2012. It’s two images one of a bordeaux quilted biker balenciaga and one of a cobolt one. Where did you get them? Balenciaga store? I love the bordeaux one just in case you are thinking of selling it. xo Eva

    • Hey there! I bought the jackets in the Bal store in Cannes! I had them shipped, it’s MUCH CHEAPER that way! (European prices!) I love them both! If I am ever going to sell, I will list them here! I will be listing several things in the next few days including an Hermes bracelet, Isabel Marant sneakers, and some boots! Stay tuned!! Subscribe for updates! xoxo Julie

  3. I’ve come over from TPF to say hi girly, we miss you in the moto thread. Hope you’re well and if you ever sell those quilteds, be sure to let me know. Love fionarcat. Xxx

    • HI Fiona! I miss you too! I will stop by to catch up with everyone soon! And if I ever sell my motos, you will be the first to know!!

  4. If you are willing to part with your Balenciaga quilted leather in black could you please email me. Happy to pay close to RRP price or come to a agreement. Thanks

    • Awwww thanks for the offer, but I am too in love with it to part with it! If I change my mind, I will let you know!
      Thanks for reading my blog!

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