The perfect holiday gifts for the “FASHIONISTA” in your life…….



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Ever wonder what to buy for that fashionable friend you have…..that seems to already have EVERYTHING? LOL  Or what about that friend who LOVES fashion, and has a passion for it?  Or, lastly, what about your freind with a fashion blog? LOL (hint, hint!)  Well I think these beautifully written books, with tips on style, gorgeous photographs, and guides on how to dress to show off your best self, are THE PERFECT GIFT! 
I saw Lady Gaga’s book in person when I was at the GAGA Workshop at Barneys. It’s jam packed with amazing, breathtaking photographs that show off the pop icon’s unique style.  Perfect gift for the fan of Gaga, or simply for someone who loves fashion in general.
That Alexander McQueen book, “Savage Beauty”, is tops on my wishlist this year. It sold out at the exhibit at the Met this year, but luckily you can buy it online.  It’s a great tribute to a fashion icon, an innovator and genius in the design world.  A MUST HAVE for any fashion lover.  Best. Coffee. Table. Book. Ever.
“Kate Moss-Paper Doll”, “Style Book”, “I Love your Style”, and “Little Dictionary of Fashion”  are all affordable books that are fun, quirky, and great for those coworkers you have that love fashion, and they also make great stocking stuffers.  Everyone loves getting a cool new book to read and these in particular are great because of their images.
Lastly “American Fashion”, and “American Fashion travel” are just insanely beautiful books, loaded with images that take you on a journey through years of American Fashion. “American Fashion” takes you though the last 70 years of fashion, and “American Fashion Travel” is a collection of personal travel photos and scrapbooks from some of America’s most beloved designers.  Both are visually stunning books! 
On the top of my wish list??  The Lady Gaga book, and the Alexander McQueen book…..there is a place on my stone coffee table for both of them….in case anyone needed ideas on what to get me for the Holidays.  Hee Hee. 😉
Love you all, and Happy Holidays!

Lady Gaga’s Workshop at Barney’s!!!

Hey little monsters!!  I was super excited to check out Gaga’s workshop at Barney’s in person today!  I  heard it was a wonderland of whimsy not to be missed, and that is a truly accurate description! From the moment the elevator doors open to the 5th floor, you are assaulted with imagery, colors, and eye candy! It was like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory….but Gaga style. There is an entire section of just candy, cookies, lollipops and treats, all either in Gaga’s likeness, or representing some part of her style or personality.  It was fun, unique, clever, and honestly such a refreshing take on the typical type of gift shop for the holidays.  I HAD to leave with something… on to see what I got! 😉

This is what you see when you first enter the floor.  A giant sculpture of a Gaga-esque cartoonish statue, wearing an outfit of fishnets and platform heels that I am sure I have seen on Gaga before. The shards of glass on the floor around it, along with the pink chains sectioning it off, complete the fantasy feel. 

For those outside of NYC, I have to tell you it was raining today, like a monsoon!!! My best friend Debbie and I had plans to check out Gaga’s workshop though, and we weren’t gonna let a little rain hold us back!  I wore my new Mackage coat, which kept me warm and dry in the heavy downpour, BDG jeans, and my Chinese Laundry flat boots.  (in retrospect, I should have worn my hunter rain boots, but I had no idea how bad the weather was LOL)  .

When you enter and turn right, there is the candy area!  I LOVE these cookies!!!  “Little Monster” butter cookies! Great gift!  And, they are delicious butter cookies by the way! I bough my boyfriend the large Gaga cookie…..full body….but sadly she broke in 3 pieces on the way home.  Trying to walk around NYC in the rain is tough, and poor cookie Gaga was decapitated in the process.  No worries, my boyfriend said it was delicious anyway!

Lady Gaga’s decapitated head LOL

Gaga’s sunglasses!!!


I LOVED the Gaga sunglasses! She had a few different styles, some outrageous and not really fit for daily wear…LOL  But….these were perfect! Stylish, wearable, with a hint of Gaga flair! I had to have them!  Guess what color I ended up buying? Keep reading to see 😉

Awesome “hair” bow headbands! They came in a variety of colors….my bff Debbie and I had to try them on….

Debbie also had fun trying on the lace sunglasses…..


There were stuffed “Little Monsters”!

There were teacups…..


“Paw” necklaces…..

Statues….(how amazing are these?)

Gaga’s shoe…..

And Gaga snow globes!  Perfect stocking stuffer for the ultimate Gaga fan!

I have to say I was really impressed with the entire floor.  There were tons of cute, great gifts, ranging from low priced (candy, chocolates, fake nails) to moderate (sunglasses, snow globes,) to pricey (leather jackets)…….seriously something for everyone!!!

Oh, and about what *I* bought????? hee hee…..drumroll………….

I got these amazing yellow sunglasses! I love the shape, style, and accents.  They are unlike any other sunglasses I own.  I really wanted a fun pair of shades, and these were perfect! Love the yellow color too! Can’t wait to rock them in future posts! 😉

Hope you enjoyed my review of Gaga’s workshop! Are any of you planning on making a trip to Barney’s before it closes?  Let me know if you do!  xoxoxoxo

What I was wearing:

Coat: Mackage, Jeans: BDG, Boots: Chinese Laundry, Bag: Alexander Wang