Cyber Monday Deal-The Floxie Fairy Fund

What better way to start off your Cyber Monday then getting amazing online deals….with all the proceeds going to a good cause? I want to tell you all about the Floxie Fairy Fund.  It’s a not-for-profit online sale of handmade silk scarves, and beautiful handmade necklaces, with all the profits going towards victims of Fluoroquinilone toxicity.  (These are people who were severely affected from taking Fluoroquinilone antibiotics such as Cipro, Avelox, and Levaquin)  This is a cause very near to my heart, since I was hospitalized in September after taking a round of Cipro, and after 3 months, I am still in the process of fully recovering.

The Floxie Fairy fund was founded by Erin Spangler Wilson, an amazing woman who was also affected by these antibiotics, and decided to use her amazing talents of jewelry and scarf making to benefit her fellow victims. All proceeds will go towards FQ victims in need of money for supplements, medical care, and food.

Erin sells her scarves and necklaces on at a retail price of $85 and up…..but for this special cause, all her items range for $15-$20 dollars! This is an incredible deal for a handmade silk scarf, or a one of a kind handmade necklace! You can get your holiday shopping done while helping a good cause!!!

Click to see these gorgeous items and learn more about this amazing online deal!!!!

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