Currently Obsessing Over…….OPALS

currently obsessing over: Opals


Ever since I was a young girl, I have been absolutely obsessed with opals.  I think it’s the numerous colors inside the stone that seem to shoot out like beams of light in every direction. Opals remind me of the universe, caught inside a small bubble.  There is definitely something mystical and mysterious about opals, and that’s exactly what draws me to them. It’s for this reason that I am loving all the opal jewelry that I’ve been seeing lately.  From delicate stacking rings, to stud earrings, and to larger statement rings and necklaces, opals seem to be everywhere lately.  (or maybe I am just looking for them! lol)  Above are some of my picks for delicate opal jewelry. In my opinion, Wwake is doing the best job of creating gorgeous, special, understated opal jewelry that showcases the beauty of opal, without being too “over the top.” It’s perfect for daily wear.   The designs on these pieces are amazing.  They’re  great for daily wear, the beach, and nights out! Links to everything below!

FIRST ROW: (From left to right)

1) Wwake Opal stud earrings 
2) Wwake Opal large 4-Step ring (Great for stacking!)


1) Wwake 3 Step-Baloon ring 
2) Wwake Opal stud earrings (Love the style!)


1) Wwake Opal hanging stud earring 
2) Wwake Opal ring with diamonds 

AND……if you are looking to make a bigger statement, and want a stunning opal ring that won’t cost a fortune, look no further than SAMANTHA WILLS!  I fell in love with her gorgeous signature Bardot Ring, available in this stunning opal for a limited time!! Sadly, it’s sold out now, but it’s not too late to get on the wait list!  Also, check out her other incredible Bardot rings HERE!

Samantha Wills Opal Ring (Samantha Wills Bardot ring in Opal)



For those who know me, they know that I love nothing more then “arm candy”. I love bracelets. I love stacking bracelets. I love stacking bracelets on top of bracelets……….You get the idea. 😉  There is no better way to dress up your look then to pile on some gorgeous accessories on your wrists.  And nowadays, the more the better! Is there an art to “stacking”? Um, I think so. I think you need to find that delicate balance between chic and overkill.  Personally I always pair some chain and spike bracelets with my watch. Other times, I wear a large cuff, and balance it out with delicate strand bracelets to offset it.  It’s up to you.  The thing I love about stacking bracelets is that you can totally make the look your own, and it’s a great way to update some old bracelets that you have had in your drawer for a while.  You can pair them with some new acquisitions and freshen up the look. For this post, I have listed some of the bracelets that I am currently CRAVING! All of these are great for layering and stacking. Let’s take a look! 😉 Links posted below for all bracelets shown above. xoxo

TOP ROW: From left to right……

1) Deepa Gurnani double spike cuff.  Buy it HERE. .I love this cuff!  It’s rock and roll, but glamorous at the same time. I love the way the crystals offset the tough spikes.  Girly and tough at the same time.  Added bonus, it’s double strands start you off nicely to layer with other bracelets!

2) CC Skye Love Spike Bracelet.  Buy it HERE. This is the the PUNK version of the Cartier love bracelet.  It’s chic, with an edge……my favorite.  CC Skye is one of my favorite jewelry brands.  The quality is AMAZING, and lasts forever. Definitely worth the investment. This piece is screaming to get layered. I own this gem….stay tuned for future posts with me styling it. 😉

3) Marc by Marc Jacobs Small Rose Gold Katie Turnlock Bracelet.  Buy it HERE. I love these turnlock bracelets! Such a classic design…..and the adorable turnlock closure is the perfect accent.  I own this rose gold version.  I am a huge fan of rose gold because I believe it goes so easily with both white and yellow gold.  You can layer this bracelet with anything! It comes in two sizes. Buy the rose gold in the larger size HERE. You can also buy it in yellow gold HERE, and in white gold HERE

4)Pave Pyramid Bangles. Buy them HERE. What do I love most about these gorgeous, sparkly, tri-color bangles? Is it the amazing price, or the fact that you get (3) bangles in the perfect colors all ready for stacking? Hmmm I think both! 😉  Fabulous price and incredible style? This is a no brainer!

5)Balenciaga Arena Giant Rose Gold bracelet. Buy it HERE. It’s no secret by now that I am a huge Balenciaga fan. Their leather is amazing, and I love the hardware on their bags and bracelets. This Balenciaga cuff is a little slice of heaven. It’s edgy and chic.  It’s great for layering, or wearing on it’s own and making a statement.  I love this white leather cuff with rose gold hardware for Summer.  It’s bright and stands out.

6) Fenton Crystal Sagamore Deco Chain bracelet.  Buy it HERE. What I love most about this breathtaking crystal bracelet is that it looks like it’s an estate piece.  I can imagine buying something like this in a vintage store, or at an estate sale. It’s just so elegant.  You can wear this to a black tie affair with a lovely gown, or you can dress this down and wear it with a t-shirt and jeans. (my favorite look). Either way it’s a steal, because it’s ON SALE!! Grab it while you can! I picked one up for myself!

7)Powder Blue Multi pop bracelet. Buy it HERE. I love powder blue, and when it’s paired against black, it just makes it POP more.  I adore this crystal bracelet, and again, it’s great for layering. Great price too!

8) Charles Albert Large Titanium Quartz cuff. Buy it HERE. Now this is a statement! I have been lusting after this cuff for a long time.  I am blown away by the colors of that quartz stone set against the shiny metal of the cuff.  You can definitely wear this one alone.  No need for stacking here.

9) House of Harlow 1960 Open Weave Horn Cuff with Labradorite Stone. Buy it HERE. House of Harlow never fails to impress.  This unique design caught my eye right away. It reminds me of something that would be worn in the middle ages. I would definitely layer this with some spiky bracelets to complete the look. Good price too. 😉

Which are your favorites? Do share! xoxo

Julie 😉


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