Happy Holidays!!! Have a very “bloody” Christmas! ~From Julie and Chris

It’s a tradition for my boyfriend Chris and I to come up with fun and outlandish ideas for our Christmas Cards every year.  This year we decided to do a “True Blood” theme.  We are huge fans of the show, and we thought a bloody tribute to our favorite show about Vampires was the perfect way to wish happy holidays to our friends and family, in our signature style.  😉 The photo shoot was TONS OF FUN, with our good friends Melia and Angel helping us set up the shots, and also play a few roles in the photos.  I thought it would be fun to share these shots with all of you.  Hope you enjoy them!!

Happiest and bloodiest of holidays……xoxoxo


Ha! Poor Santa! He didn’t stand a chance! 😉

Jeans: BDG, Boots: Steve Madden, “Sookie” outfit: HBO shop