Dreaming of warmer days….My Miami Photos!!!!



MiamiI finally had a chance to gather together my photos from my recent trip to Miami.  The weekend was incredible, and the occasian was my best friend Debbie’s bachlorette weekend. We went to South Beach, and the weather, food, and beach was amazing. With the tempeture being so insanely cold in NYC lately, these photos definitely keep me dreaming of warmer days! The thing I love about South Beach is that you can’t wear enough bright neon colors, metallics, or animal prints. “The bolder….the better” is always my motto while there. As you can see from the photos, my friends don’t shy away from color either.   I hope you enjoy the photos!!! Try the Miami look with the links below!




7 thoughts on “Dreaming of warmer days….My Miami Photos!!!!

  1. Great pics!! Really great ‘in the moment’ shots with you and your girlfriends. And by the way…God damn my baby looks sexy as fuck in a bikini 😉

  2. I noticed in an old post that you own a pair of Weitzman’s leopard booties. Would you please let me know if they are comfortable and if they run true to size? Many thanks!!!

    • Hey Nina! I went up a half size in the leopard boots, and they are so comfortable!! If you have narrow feet, get your same size, but if your feet are a little wider, I would maybe go up a half size. Let me know if you get them!

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