The Fashion Minx’s beauty tips for looking more awake and rested

I don’t know about you, but lately, I am always feeling tired.   Work, stress and everyday responsibilities make it very difficult to get a good night’s sleep. In today’s hectic society, more and more people are getting less and less sleep. Today’s stressful society is taking a serious toll on not only our health, but overall appearance. I have some great tips on how to improve your sense of calm and well being, but since this is a fashion/beauty blog, I am going to list ways to “fake” that sense of calm as well. 😉  Everyone knows it’s important to get adequate rest every night, to eat healthy, and to practice methods of relaxation. But, that is certainly easier said then done! So, here are my tips and tricks to faking that “awake” look, and making yourself look like you have had 8 hours sleep, when you really have only had 3! Read on for details! xo


1.   A good concealer goes a LONG way!  I use Benefit Cosmetic’s Boi-ing concealer. It’s easy to use, comes in a handy little pot, and it can be applied with a concealer brush, or just your fingers. I usually put about 2 coats on under my eyes, as I have dark circles.  And, on mornings where I haven’t gotten a whole lot of sleep the night before, this concealer literally saves me from looking like a zombie! (And the whole “zombie look” is NOT cool unless you are on The Walking Dead) 😉

2.   These Caswell-Massey Cucumber Eye Pads are just amazing! They are pre-moistened with pure cucumber juice, chamomile, aloe vera, and green tea. These natural extracts are known to reduce puffiness under your eyes. (my biggest problem). I keep mine in the fridge, as suggested, for added cooling and de-puffing benefits. I also love how they are printed to look like cucumber slices. Great buy!  They are great to put on your eyes after a hard day’s work, while you relax.  Definitely one of my favorites!

3.   My secret weapon! I have been using Benefit’s Lemon Aid for years now! This creamy yellow cream is specially designed to hide redness and discoloration on your eyelids. When I apply it to my eyelids, I instantly look awake, no matter how many hours of sleep I got the night before.  I use it even when I am rested because it brightens your eyes and makes you look more alert.  It doubles as a great primer for eye shadow as well! Added bonus!  Great thing is that you can wear this with, or without makeup, for a quick instant lift.  I can’t say enough amazing  things about this product! And, it’s perfect for every skin tone!

4.   Good ol’ Mr. Frosty!  Benefit’s Mr. Frosty eye pencil is so great, it’s sold out everywhere!  This pearly white eyeliner pencil helps you to “fake awale” by drawing it along the inside of your lower lash line. Luckily, I had stocked up on a few of these, because they are impossible to find anywhere.  But…fear not! Benefit came out with another eye brightening pencil that I love just as much! Benefit’s Eye Bright pencil is a pink brightening pencil that you draw on the inner and outer corners of your eyes. It instantly makes you look wide awake and refreshed! It’s best to apply this after you have finished with all your other make up.  It’s a great finishing touch!

Benefit’s Eye Bright pencil , (pictured above) is an instant way to “fake awake”.


5.   What can I say about Nars Orgasm? It’s probably the most talked about, most used, and most flattering blush on the market. Working in the entertainment industry, I know for a fact that makeup artists on television shows, as well as those working on film, use Nars Orgasm as a finishing touch on all their actresses. It provides you with that healthy flushed look makes you look vibrant and awake. It honestly makes you look like you have just finished a 10 mile run, or um, well……… just experienced what the name suggests. LOL Either way, you look healthier, more awake, and more alive after using this blush, and that’s a huge deal for me!

6.   YES, pictured above is Preparation H hemorrhoid cream. I am sure you have all heard about how models and actresses have been applying this cream under their eyes for years to reduce under eye puffiness.  Well, I can tell you that I tried it, and it works. Here is the thing though, in order to get all the puffy eye reducing benefits, you need to buy the Canadian version.  You see, the ’secret’ ingredient in Preparation H is Bio-dyne, also known as Live Yeast Cell Derivative – LYCD. This can only be found in the Canadian version of Preparation H, as Bio-dyne was removed from the USA version when it was reformulated 6 years ago.  Bio-dyne has many benefits including reducing wrinkle volume, increasing skin thickness, and reducing under eye bags. As I said, I tired it, and it works! I bought mine on Amazon since it’s not available in the USA. Here is the link. Please let me know if any of you try it and see results!

7.   Everyone should have a cooling gel mask that they can throw in their fridge or freezer! Bath Secrets Herbal Eye Mask reduces puffiness and relaxes muscles to relieve tension. Simply throw it into your fridge to chill it and reduce puffiness around your eyes.  You can also warm it to relieve tension and relax muscles around your face.  Of course, I prefer chilling it due to my under eye bags, as mentioned before LOL.  Works great! Great price too!

8.   Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask is a truly incredible product. It was designed to de-puff, hydrate, and and brighten eyes in 15 minutes, and instantly make you look like you have had 8 hours of sleep. It contains pure cucumber extract, vitamin C, as well as other ingredients that were all designed to make your eyes “glow”. I have used this eye mask and I love it. It feels like an at home spa treatment. You get 4 masks in one package, which is good for one month. I guarantee you will see a difference after using it!


9.   Lastly, a healthy diet plays an important role in how we look. I know that when I eat a lot of junk food, consume too much salt, don’t drink enough water, and don’t eat enough fruits and veggies, my face shows it.  Again, in this stressful, hectic world we live in, it’s hard to always make healthy choices.  But, the easiest way to get a ton of nutrients into your body, and also reduce water retention, swelling and inflammation is to juice! The best thing I ever did was invest in a juicer!  Drinking fresh fruit and veggie juices every day helped me to lose weight, clear my skin, and reduce swelling and puffiness in my face!  Now that I have a juicer in my apt,  my boyfriend and I can start our day with a glass full of nutrients, and it’s so delicious! You can buy some juicers here, here, or here.

And for helping to reduce water retention, which is honestly one of the biggest causes of under eye bags and puffiness, here is a juice recipe to eliminate excess fluid in our bodies and to reduce inflammation.

1 pineapple
3 celery sticks
1 cucumber
2 green apples
1 knob ginger
Juice all ingredients together, drink, and enjoy!!
I hope all my beauty tips have helped you! Remember, there is no substitute for a good night’s sleep! Eating healthy, getting plenty of rest, and juicing will go a long way in helping us all look, and feel younger. But, in the event that we can’t do all those things, I think I have provided you with some good ways to fake it! LOL Please let me know if you have tried any of these methods in the comments below! xoxox


7 thoughts on “The Fashion Minx’s beauty tips for looking more awake and rested

  1. Love your ideas for puffy eyes, all of them are really great and easy. I am going to try a few and let you know how it goes. Thanks so much for the tips… I look forward to your facebook posts and your e-mails. 🙂

    • Thank you Cherylynn!! So glad you like my blog!!! Let me know how it goes with the beauty tips, I have tried them all, and they really work!

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