Hope your New Year is BRIGHT!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!Β  My first post of the New Year! I am so excited!Β  Thanks to everyone who has been following my infant blog so far! I promise there will be more exciting posts, givaways, and tons to look forward to in 2012!! πŸ˜‰

For New Years Eve day yesterday, I decided I wanted my outfit to reflect my spirit and outlook for 2012….which is BRIGHT.Β  I decided to wear this gorgeous Old Navy wool coat that I purchased last year, and never had the chance to wear!Β Β  I absolutely LOVE this shade of pink.Β  It’s such a great pop of color in the cold, dreary winters of NYC! Even wearing it made me happy!Β  And, for a bonus, it was super affordable, as are all Old Navy coats, at just $99.99.Β  Chic, elegant, and fun for under $100 bucks!

My best friend Debbie snapped these photos for me in her neighborhood of Forest Hills, New York.Β  (It’s in Queens for you out of towners LOL) We were out shopping, and buying food for her New Years Party that night.Β  I hope you all had a fabulous, fun, amazing, and special New Years! All the best for 2012! xoxoxo


Coat: Old Navy, Jeans: BDG, Boots: Steve Madden, Bag: Celine, Watch: Michele Rose Gold watch, Ring: YSL

11 thoughts on “Hope your New Year is BRIGHT!!

  1. Perfect use of Pink!!! BTW I have those boots but from Nine West. They’re Soooo comfortable πŸ™‚ You working the hell outta that Celine too!

    • Thank you Mica!!!! I love that coat, it’s so bright, that it cheers up your day! Thanks for the compliments, I will have to check out your blog as well!
      Thanks for reading! xoxo

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    • Which size are you referring to when you say “regular”? The Mini size is very large in my opinion, it fits a ton! The size down from it is called the Micro, and then there is the very small cross-body Nano size that you can see on my blog. If you get a Mini, it’s a great size for every day!

  3. Well, i’m referring to the phantom in this case, do you know if the Mini Phantom vs the Phantom is a large difference?

    • Hey there! There is not a big difference in size between the mini and the phantom- the only thing is the mini has a zipper closure, and the phantom does not. πŸ˜‰

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