DYI: TWO TONE NAILS- Get the Salon look for less!!!

I know, I know…..you want that trendy, hot, chic salon look on your nails, but can’t afford to dish out $25 a pop, just to have your nails chip in a few days right?  I feel your pain!!! If you are like me, you love trying out new colors, designs, and styles on your nails, but having to constantly pay money at a salon just got way too expensive.  Well I wanted to share with you today an awesome trick I learned for doing your own two tone manicure at home…….and, the best part is, the materials cost me around $16, and I will be able to do this look over and over again at home!

For my two tone manicure, I decided to pick gold and hot pink as my colors. The great thing about this look is that the possibilites are endless, and you can chose any two colors that you like. My only guidelines are that you chose a color for the tips that will cover the base color.  (for example, doing gold over black might not work because the gold color may not fully cover the dark black polish. Experiment and use your own judgement. )

Start by painting your nails gold…………I used Orly Nail Lacquer in Luxe. (purchased in CVS for around $7.00)

After this base coat, (which I only applied ONE COAT btw), you have to wait for it to dry completely. After it has dried, you are going to carefully place circular reinforcement labels over each nail. I bought Avery Reinforcement Labels from CVS for $2.77. You get 560 of them, so this package will last a long time!!!!

Now, here is the fun part, Depending on the look you want, you can place the label at a different spot on each nail. For a French Manicure look, place the label lower on the nail. For a Reverse French Manicure look, place the label high, near the top of the nail. And for the look I wanted, aim for somewhere in the middle of your nail so the two colors sort of break up the nail. The choice is yours!

After the labels are firmly in place, (and make sure you press them down hard), paint the tips of your nails with the second color of your choice. In my case, I chose Orly Nail Lacquer in Purple Crush.(also purchased in CVS for around $7.00) It’s ok if you get polish on the white labels, that is what they are there for. 😉 Just polish beneath the circles and cover the entire bottom of the nail.  Now, here is a very important tip……DO NOT wait for the second color to dry to remove the labels! Remove them while your nails are still wet!  Finish with a top coat of your choice, and you are done!  Million dollar nails for less! Please tell me if you plan on trying this awesome look! #twotonemanicure

xoxo ~ Julie

7 thoughts on “DYI: TWO TONE NAILS- Get the Salon look for less!!!

  1. Love it! Especially because in Dubai it’s a bit delayed with some new trends and you’ve made it simple enough for me to do with things readily available everywhere! (just wish we had a CVS tho!)

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