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What is it about skulls?  We see them everywhere.  On scarves, rings, necklaces, earrings… name it.


My boyfriend recently got cast as a biker in a film.  He got to rock out tattoos, leather jackets, and of course, skulls.  You have no idea how jealous I was.  I tried to steal his rings and other “skull” props from the set more then once before I got reprimanded.  I couldn’t help it, they were amazing. What was my fascination?

Here are some shots of my boyfriend’s awesome fake tattoos that he got to rock…….along with a pretty cool bike we both sat on 😉

Love the design.  Perhaps he will get a real one one day?

Badass skull hand tattoo…

(Some photos from the set)

And I got to sit on the bike too 😉

Anyway, I digress………..

Once a symbol of death, or poison, skulls have suddenly become chic and in vogue.  Made most famous I would say by Alexander McQueen…….skulls are not just for bikers anymore.  I don’t know about you, but there is something truly badass about seeing these a dainty, feminine girls wearing a ginormous skull ring on their finger. I had to have one.  And after much searching, I found the perfect ring!!!!



 I love the fact that there is a bee on it’s head. It’s like it’s not taking itself too seriously. How can a skull be scary with crystals and an insect propped on top?

Here are various photos of me modeling it.  I can’t stop wearing it.

It somehow makes me happy when I look at it. ( And what a conversation starter.) 

 What are your thoughts?  What is your favorite skull jewelry? Clothing? Accessories?

Ring: Alexander McQueen, Bag: Balenciaga

1 thought on “Trending: Skulls

  1. How many times have you literally gotten stopped on the street because of those skull rings you wear? 20 times….? 30 times…? Remember that one time a girl at home depot stopped you and was like “Girl, where did you get that ring with the bug on it. That shit looks hot!!”

    ….that’s my girl.


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