Trend Spotting- Floral Dresses

Floral Prints for Spring 2012


Mara Hoffman long dress
$238 –

Dolan dress
$99 –

Emily and Fin floral print dress
$100 –

Forever 21 knit dress
$25 –

Dorothy Perkins floral dress
$44 –

Moon Collection sheer dress
$48 –

T Bags floral dress
$82 –

Forever 21 floral maxi dress
$35 –

Don’t you just LOVE floral dresses?  They are so feminine. They remind me of when I was a little girl, and I had to get dressed up for Sunday dinner with my family.  No matter what kind of mood I am in, a pretty floral dress will always make me feel girly and pretty.  Well, the trend for Spring 2012 is feminine, floral, pastel, and bright.  I am so excited!  I picked out these gorgeous dresses from a sea of choices out there.  I just love these colors!  And, I know what you are thinking……”But it’s freezing outside, and it’s still Winter!” (Well at least it is for those of us on the East Coast)….BUT FEAR NOT!  I thing I love about these dresses is that you can totally rock them now, in this cold season, as well as later when the weather warms up!  I would wear any of these dresses with thick fleece lined tights, a wool coat, boots and a cute hat.  It’s the perfect way to brighten up your dreary Winter wardrobe and put a smile on your face! And of course, as the weather warms up, you can peel off your layers and show off these gorgeous dresses on their own.  A great investment!  These dresses range in price from super affordable, to pricey.  As usual, I wanted to give you a broad range of styles to look at.  And, also as usual, I will be showing off this look this week, and show you all how I would style a floral dress this Winter.